Next State of Learning

“We had to change the whole dialogue between the state and local communities."

Paul Leather New Hampshire Deputy Commissioner of Education

"Our push towards personalization has allowed our educators to make more decisions about what’s going to happen with their class and with the students they work with."

Anthony Evers Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction

"Our legislators really listen to their school superintendents. They asked us what was in the way, and we told them – and they got rid of those things."

Susan Gendron Former Maine Commissioner of Education

"We’re in a unique position to bring educators from across the state together so they can learn from each other and build momentum for innovative work."

Gretchen Morgan Executive Director, Innovation & Choice Unit Colorado Department of Education

Next State of Learning

What makes a mind come alive?
How can one community impact every child? And how can states set the conditions for lasting change?

These questions spring from the hearts and minds of every educator, parent, and leader in our education systems. Their struggles to find solutions, to build student-centered learning environments for our nation's children, will pave the way for the Next State of Learning.

Fortunately, several states are already modeling a constructive way forward and sharing their learning with one another -- as part of the Innovation Lab Network at the Council of Chief State School Officers. And what these policymakers have learned is that when it comes to making decisions about the future of teaching and learning, about the next "state" of learning, it's best to listen closely to the people who are most directly engaged in the work -- students, educators, and the communities they serve.

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